Canine Vaccination Recommendations

  • DistemperHepatitis, Parainfluenza Combination Vaccination – Recommended for all dogs.


  • Rabies Vaccination – Recommended for all dogs and required by PA State Law.


  • Leptospirosis Vaccination – Recommended for any dog that may drink from streams, rivers, brooks, lakes or outdoor puddles. This is a serious, potentially fatal group of diseases that is shed in the urine of infected animals such as rats, foxes, skunks and raccoons. In addition to being dangerous to your dog, this disease may be transmitted to people.


  • Lyme Disease Vaccination – Any dog that is exposed to ticks or has the potential of being exposed to ticks should be vaccinated for Lyme disease. The incidence of Lyme disease in the dog population of Eastern Montgomery County is over 60 percent. The most common outward signs of this disease are lameness and kidney failure, but many infected dogs show no outward signs of disease. Protecting your dog requires vaccination as well as the year-round use of a good flea and tick product such as Nexgard or Bravecto. The Seresto Collar is a great option for flea and tick prevention as well.


  • Bordetella Vaccination – Sometimes referred to as the “kennel cough” vaccination. This vaccination is only for dogs that congregate with other dogs especially in closed environments such as kennels or grooming facilities. Dogs who frequent dog parks should also receive this vaccination.


  • Canine Influenza – This is a newly-emerging disease. Dogs that need Bordetella Vaccination should also get this vaccination.