Dental Disease

Bad Breath Isn’t Normal!

Have you noticed your pet’s breath lately? It could be harmful to your pet’s health! Dental care is a little known yet absolutely necessary component of caring for your pets. By the age of three, some 80 percent of all dogs and 70 percent of all cats show signs of dental disease, which can lead to the more serious problems of heart, lung, and kidney disease. Fido’s dog breath and Tabby’s tuna breath aren’t something to be ignored—they are probably indicative of an oral problem, and the sooner you have it treated by your veterinarian
(and learn to care for it yourself), the sooner you and your pet can smile proudly.

Signs of periodontal disease:
• Yellow/brownish colored teeth
• Swollen, red, bleeding gums
• Persistent bad breath
• Loose teeth, loss of teeth
• Pus between gums and teeth
• Broken teeth
• Unusual growth in mouth
• Reluctance to play with chew toys or drink cold water
• Yellow-brown crust of tartar at gum line

If it is time for your furry friend to have a dental check-up, call us today! Regular dental care is important to your pet’s health and happiness.