How to Remove a Tick

The best way to remove ticks is by carefully using a Pro-Tick Remedy tick remover, which we carry at our office.

  • Guide the tick remover under and around the tick until the tick is at the apex of the slot then gently and steadily pull the tick free without twisting it or crushing the tick during removal.
  • Do not attempt to smother the tick with alcohol or petroleum jelly, or apply a hot match to it, as this may cause the tick to regurgitate saliva into the wound and increase the risk of disease if the tick is infected.
  • Crushing, twisting or jerking the tick out of the skin while its head is still buried could result in leaving the tick’s mouth parts in your pet’s skin; this can cause a reaction and may become infected.
  • After removing the tick, crush it in a napkin or tissue to avoid contact with tick fluids that can carry disease.

Check out the Pro-Tick Remedy tool in action – YouTube

protickwithtick2 protickwithtick1